• What is corporate tax software?

In essence corporate tax software;

  1. Provides solutions for businesses in respect of filing all or part of legally compliant tax returns.
  2. It is dedicated software designed, produced and managed by specialists from within the finance industry.

Corporate tax software should be ‘approved’ by HM Revenue

& Customs. A list of approved software suppliers is provided on the HMRevenue website.

  • Why should I use tax return software?

More to the point, why wouldn’t you?

Tax returns involve a great deal of work, stress and technical and jargon savvy management. Tax returns are a bane! But, nevertheless obligatory and necessary.

One great reason for using such software is the ‘time-saving’ factor.It’ll cut down on costly office man hours and therefore save money! Money enough perhaps to pay your tax bill.

What’s more, if your return is late or ‘misleading’ you or your company may well have to suffer unsympathetic consequences.

Good tax return software keeps all relevant transactions, including incomes and expenditure, up to date on a regular and manageable basis. All necessary details are recorded and calculated in terms acceptable to HM Revenue.

In short, good tax return software eliminates most of the worry and hassle.

  • Where to find the best software

The best software is produced by the best companies. Look for a company with a solid background in tax affairs and business software solutions. Check the company’s online site and seek out their credentials.

Find answers to questions, such as;

  1. How long have they been trading?
  2. What qualifications and experience do they have within this specialist field?
  3. Are they able and willing to offer friendly informed advice based upon your requirements?
  4. Can the software be adapted and upgraded?
  5. Is their software properly approved by HM Revenue?
  6. Will they give ongoing back-up and support?
  7. Can you free trial some of the software?
  8. Are their price structures, term and conditions clearly stated?
  9. Do they have a healthy portfolio of happy customers?

Contact the company and discuss your requirements. Initial contact with a helpful polite operator sets a reassuring tone for the future. Within no time, you’ll establish a feel for the company’s professionalism and expertise.

There is one major problem; trawling the internet can prove to be a daunting, perilous chore. So many options, so much hype, wild claims and dubious content!

Nil desperandum! Help is at hand. There’s a distinguished company producing tried, tested and exemplary corporate tax software; and that’s BTC Software!

  • A recommendation, BTC Software

BTC Software are not a huge, sprawling company; they are a tight team of experts operating very much within the framework ofa family-run ethos. Never patronising always genuinely helpful.

BTC Software regard the customer as king. Their incredible success has been primarily based upon quality, operator-friendly, software. Back-up with a smile and an ever ready helping hand.

Take a look and decide for yourself, visit BFC Software now for further information, inspiration and perhaps a free 15 day trial.

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